Training Classes Need To Reach Each Student In Their Own Way

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I have never enjoyed corporate training classes that were simply a formula. The trainer goes through the motions and the students check the box for being in the class.

If the course does not stir the audience to think in ways that impact their unique situation, then it is not effective.

Marcus Buckingham had an blog post on this subject on the Harvard Business Review Blog in June 2012. “How to Give Every Employee Customized Leadership Advice” talked about this idea of creating unique experiences for the employees and helping them learn in their own way.

Link to HBR post:

I try to inspire those in my classes to take the parts that work for them to heart, while not being concerned where they cannot make the idea or concept part of their behavior.

You do not need an app to customize, but instead a culture in your training the establishes ongoing discussions. When people take what they learn and have “hallway conversations” with other employees they can dive deeper into any topic and make it their own.

As more companies revisit company training classes in the “maybe post recession” era, they want more than cookie-cutter old-school classes. ¬†Instructors must be facilitators and story tellers who can touch each student in a unique way. ¬†Education, motivation, and inspiration are useless if nobody takes actions. ¬†To move people the message must reach them in the way they want to hear it.

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